NCI Stations - going from the north west to the south east of the Cornish Coast. The UK's largest regional coastline.

For the average person the NCI Stations provide support both on land and at sea.

Some people might underestimate the steepness and distance involved in doing seemingly simple things like coastal walks. Perhaps you are part way into your and something happens. Could be anything. Not as fit as you were, temperature variations - demandingly hot or a big wind chill factor in winter, sprained ankle!

If a problem develops and you need assistance in the sometimes wilderness of the Cornish coast paths - make a note of where your nearest NCI station is. If you are lost or confused you have a point of reference - perhaps check in with them as you pass. Warning - some stations have hazardous access to the watchpoint so please don't just walk in.

If at sea you should have notified the NMCA or responsible party about your activity, this is not an NCI task. Watchkeepers are there to alert rescue services if problems develop which are of a visual or signal nature within their operating area.

Climbers! Some of the best climbing in Cornwall is close to NCI stations - see Gwennap Head. It might make sense to ask the watchkeeper to record your presence. If anything goes wrong, you may suffer injury, if so, someone will be aware that there is a problem and potentially help can be on its way. Please look at the hours which the station is staffed in these situations.

All NCI stations are staffed by trained volunteers and donations are always welcome.