The Camel Trail
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  TrailGreenery   MapCover
A Ride with Nige
The Camel Trail in May with words
and photos from Nigel Wiggett.
  Trail Guide
Helpful tips, code of conduct
and Camel Trail bike hire.
  The Trail
Poley's Bridge to Padstow through
images and a few words.
  Maps & Navigation
Unique cycling maps created by
Ernie Biddle and aerial photos.
WildVerges   SensoryBark   BlislandInn   SunsetonCamel
Hedgerow Harvest
Writer and illustrator Jennifer
Green's monthly report on plant life.

More images and words evoking the
sounds and shapes of the Camel Trail.

Life and activities along The
Trail - no standard tourist spots.
  The River
From Slaughter Bridge to the Doom
Bar along the Camel River banks.

If you are interested in cycling in Cornwall you may like to skim the diary: Cycle Cornwall for Chairty.